Hey girl. If you're worried about your lover finding out about your secret toy stash in your underwear drawer, don't fret! A new study shows that not only can vibrators can improve ladies' sexual function, most men are totally okay with that.

LiveScience reports that researchers surveyed 2,056 women and 1,047 men about their attitudes on vibrators, asking them whether they felt vibrators were "a healthy part of many women's sex lives" or were "intimidating to women's partners." About half the subjects agreed with positive statements about the sex toys, while just 10% agreed with negative statements. Women who had a positive view of vibrators and had also used one themselves in the last 30 days reported a variety of sexual benefits, including more arousal, lubrication, sexual satisfaction, and orgasms, and less pain during sex. And for the most part, dudes did not begrudge them these benefits. Thirty-seven percent of women thought men felt intimidated by women's vibrator use, but 70% of men disagreed.

It's possible that these men were only admitting in while taking survey, but the fact that a majority of men say they have no problem with vibrators is still a step in the right direction.