For those of you who feel as though you'll never trust or fall in love again, here's your wakeup call: Breakups happen all the time. And you're not the first, nor will you be the last to take a trip to Splitsville. But unless you want to be the kind of person that loves wallowing in your pain alone, keep reading:

People You'll Never Get Over
We need to accept that there are certain people whom we never get over. They've scarred us deeply, and every once in a while we pick at the scar and sort of mope and feel blue. There's nothing really wrong with this so long as you can continue your life, meet new people and not obsess about it.

People You Need to Get Over
No matter how hot the sex was, unless you've been with someone for at least like a year, if you still talk about, obsess over, and stalk him, you've got to move on. True tragic romance is when people who really should be together aren't because of something terrible, like death or deception. If you were just dating someone for a little bit, even if you really were crazy about him, and you broke up, you don't get to whine about it for longer then the relationship actually lasted.

The Right Way to Mourn
Pining is one thing; resentment is quite another. So if the last guy you were with screwed you over big time (eg. gave you herpes) only then do you have every right to feel a little ticked off. But just remember that holding onto all that resentment is not healthy, and spewing that resentment out loud is pretty much social suicide. Nobody want to hang around with a person who has so many hang-ups.

Try to refrain from going around bad-mouthing your ex because in the end, it kind of makes you look pathetic. Because if you constantly talk sh** about someone, the person you're talking to might begin to think that your venom will likely be used in describing him or her once they get on your bad side. So iIf you're still bitching about someone way after the relationship ended, you might give people the idea that your ex was right in dumping you in the first place.

While it may feel good to be a little sad and melancholy, it's when it begins to take over your life, prevents you from finding someone new, or is a source of constant anger is when you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture sister.
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