Researchers at the University of Kansas  have revealed that the way you flirt has an affect on the duration and quality of your relationships.

The researchers started by breaking flirtation down into five categories: traditional, physical, sincere, playful and polite. They then surveyed 5,100 people on their flirting techniques. While they found that everybody incorporates a bit of each flirting style into the way the chat up the opposite sex, there is always one particular style that tends to dominate a person's repertoire.

The scientists also found that those who employ predominately playful and physical flirtation techniques have shorter, less serious relationships than those who take the polite and sincere approaches. This could mean flirting in an outgoing, physical manner as oppose to those who take a more laid-back and sincere approach to courting.

So if you are sick of having brief flings, you should probably switch your flirting style.

via Telegraph