Here are the top 5 ways to get over a past girlfriend. Depending on the length of the relationship, it might be harder and take longer to actually get over them. If it was a bad breakup, usually it’s easier to get over a former girlfriend, unless you loved her. However, if it was a mutual breakup, or just the wrong circumstances and timing that break the two up, it could be especially difficult to get over them.

1.) Get rid of everything that reminds you of them

Don’t keep unnecessary reminders of what you once had with your ex. It will only fester in your head. Burn them; destroy them, anything to disassociate yourself with her. Plus, any evidence of you keeping love letters or gifts from your ex will likely be a headache for you in your next relationship if they find those. So, fix it so you’ll never have that problem

2.) Set up as many dates as possible

Go dating! And have fun doing it. It can only help build your self confidence. If things don’t work out on a date, who cares, go on another. But don’t limit yourself to characteristics that were of your ex. Opening yourself up will help you to try new things and date people you wouldn’t normally date. Also, it will make you feel like you can do better than your ex, and that will help you significantly in getting over your former girlfriend/boyfriend.

3.) Find new hobbies or continue doing hobbies that you couldn’t while with them

Finding a new hobby like taking tennis lessons or simply going on fishing trips will help ease your mind. You will have a new personal goal and be more focused on that hobby than on the person that just broke up with you. Continue old hobbies if you stopped doing so while with your ex. The truth is you should have been doing them anyway while you were with them. You should never change your hobbies for someone else.

4.) Introduce yourself to new people

This is a good way to meet new friends and to pick up new hobbies. You won’t feel so bad now that you’re not sitting in the house moping over them. Get out and meet someone new and rediscover yourself.

5.) Take a vacation
This could be the best option of the all of them because you can do all of 1-4 on a vacation. But mainly, its time for you to relax and forget about things. You should go to a place so exotic that nothing reminds you of them. A change of environment and activities should do the trick!

Take this advice and you’ll be over your former loved one in a hurry. It can be a tough process going through the aftermath, but the sooner you get it done the sooner you will be back in the dating game and forget about him