Although there have been endless advices about what turns the men off, including behaviour, fashion, beauty and intelligence, this one will tell you what NOT to wear on your date out. We're talking heavy make up ala Katie Price.

According to the DailyMail, a study found that men are turned off by:

1. Lipstick on teeth

2. Too much blusher

3. Thick foundation

4. Panda eyes

5. Clumpy mascara

6. Bright lipstick

7. Foundation tide mark around the jaw-line

8. Bright blue eyeshadow

9. Penciled-in eyebrows

10. Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner flicks

The study also found men don't like false eyelashes, bright lipstick, Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner 'flicks', dark lip-liner and pencilled-in eyebrows.

It also emerged more than four out of ten women nearly always put make-up on before leaving the house.

And 15 per cent admitted they wouldn't dream of walking out of the front door without war paint on.

Almost two thirds owned-up to wearing a full-face of make-up to work most days, with one in twenty claiming they had been warned by their boss about wearing too much.
Thirty-nine per cent even claimed they dreaded their husband or boyfriend seeing

them before they have applied their make-up.

But the researchers also found 23 per cent of women who cake on the make-up are using it to mask their lack of confidence, while 30 per cent think they are hiding behind it.

The question is could you part with your 'beauty' layers? More women are investing in makeup to cover their real skin than turning to facial products to beautify the skin. But men like the natural beauties. So it's time to tone down the make up, girlfriend!