These are perhaps one of the most ridiculous dating tips ever given by Dr. Pat Allen - who is one of those doctors unleashed upon us by Oprah Winfrey.

Dr. Pat Allen is a "sassy psychotherapist" who thinks she has dating down to a science - which is mainly disgusting stereotypical observations. Like most dating experts, she claims to have the real keys to success, including finding Mr. Right.

Currently on a tour to promote her book, 'The Truth About Men Will Set You Free...But First It'll Piss You Off!", she goes about with the idea that women need to be as shallow as possible: "Don't worry about what he's going to think about your job, family, background, friends...he just cares about how you look," which sounds like something that will end in divorce 3 months later.

Allen recently gave an interview to the Examiner, where she spills some of her dating techniques:

Erin Laurence: What do women need to know before hitting the dating scene?

Dr. Pat Allen: First, you have to know the category of man you want. Women want generally. "I want a man who has old money from a good family." Men want specifically. "I want her. "

Because "I want her" is more specific than "I want a man who has old money from a good family,"? This means that women are a bunch of gold-digging whores looking for a walking ATM. A gross generalization? We think so.

EL: How important is being in good shape?

Dr. PA: The best bodies get the best money. It's based on statistics. Rich women are thin unless they're from another culture where men have freedom to have many women.

Dirtiest trick for a woman is to get him off the market and then break his toy (gain weight). Women say, "All you want from me is sex. " And the answer is yes.

In short, you need to be rich and hot to trap a man. Women who gain weight are just bad, dirty and manipulative, while trying to break a man's spirit, and apparently, penis. Or maybe the fat women are poor? We're not so sure what this woman is talking about.

EL: What is dressing for the family?

Dr. PA: It looks preppy. It likes like "good school," "neat slacks." It's the sweater that matches and is tied around the neck.

Every woman can dress for the man she's looking to attract. Old money dresses preppy. New money dresses trendy. If you like really brainy nerds, then you can wear nerdy clothes. If you like athletes then dress for an athlete.

If you're a good girl and you dress sexy when you meet him, he might say to you, "You used to dress sexy and now your square."

You have to change your own personal style to meet his "label". If you revert back to something you are, you're square! Oh no!

EL: What shouldn't you wear?

Dr. PA: Don't wear silk, silk sweats and shows anxiety. I don't want you to sweat in front of him. It gives away the store. Then he can muscle power you into sex. And you give away the whole thing, all because you wore silk. Men are very visual.

We never knew pit stains on your silk shirt gives a man a license to "muscle power you into sex." Because silk somehow makes you sweaty, you allow this to happen. Just because your body functions normally to being nervous, it's going to turn you into a dirty whore!

Eventually it all seems to boil down to how you look or what you wear and how you behave accordingly, which seems pretty pointless. If you have to change yourself to impress a guy who apparently, only cares about the way you look, then what's the point in this technique of finding the "right guy"? While Allen may think she knows the truth about men, which she obviously doesn't, there are actually decent men out there who don't sex you just because you're sweating in a silk shirt.

[via Jezebel]