"Our culture is preoccupied with producing orgasms and sexual dysfunction is most distressing not only because of lowered self esteem but also because orgasms are negatively impacted (not having one at all, or not having it in the perceived "right way")," says Linda E. Savage of The Huffington Post.

Howeve she says, there is are two other levels of sex: Conscious loving and spiritual union.

Conscious loving is the boosting of partner commitment through "loving communication". This includes the experience of the "valley orgasm" which is lover lasting and continuing waves of energy moving through the body. Savage calls this "the heart level of sexuality."

Spiritual union is the "ecstatic expanded experience producing altered states of consciousness," creating the "cosmic orgasm." This is the timeless, boundless state where orgasmic waves travel through all the energy centers. This can occur spontaneously to anyone.

Actually, Savage adds, we're capable of experiencing orgasms in multiple dimensions. It's all about the energy, really.

[via HuffingtonPost]