Here's how to start experiencing sexual energy, through meditation and spirituality, according to Linda E. Savage of the Huffington Post:

Let's start with the experience of sexual energy. You can try this exercise by yourself. It helps if you know how to do pelvic rocking. Lie down with your knees bent, feet about hip distance apart, and your low back flat on the floor (don't try this if you have back problems). As you rock your pelvis back with a slight arch, breathe in and as you tuck your pelvis, breathe out. Do this for just a few minutes and then lower your knees, straightening them to rest on the floor and continue breathing. Visualize energy moving up your spine with the in-breath and moving down the front of your body with the out breath.

Rousing sexual energy, says Savage, is like "a sleeping serpant come to life." Suxuality is the energy within our bodies, being much more than a physical act. So how we choose to express sexuality depends on many things, and when you share this energy with a partner, the choices of expression can expand. But when you're deeply connected with your partner, there is a fusion of "body and spirit, mind and heart." So for spiritual sex to begin, you have to open your heart to yourself and your partner.

Savage then shows us an exercise called Touching Hearts:
After creating a safe and beautiful setting, sit opposite your partner in chairs, on cushions, or on the floor. For a few moments you may choose to simply breathe deeply and make eye contact, or to say a few words of appreciation for your partner. Once you both feel completely relaxed, each of you will place your right hand on the other's heart, and then place your left hand over the partner's hand, closing your eyes. With relaxed breathing, focus on the warm feeling in your heart region. Imagine a warm sun, expanding to encompass your whole body and your partner's body, and the entire space around you. This will take a few moments. When you are ready, rest your hands in your lap, open your eyes and look into your partner's eyes. Repeat the following words: first one partner will say the first phrase and then the other repeats the same phrase, until all three have been spoken.
"May you be safe,"
"May you be happy,"
"May your heart be filled with joy."
After breathing deeply for a few moments, move into holding each other.

Both of these exercises help you experience sexual energy and love.

[via HuffingtonPost]