Honestly, it would really suck to run into an ex, especially after months (or years) after you haven't spoken to him, after a messy break up. So what do you do when you actually run into him? - particularly when you aren't exactly looking as hot as you'd imagined you'd look should you one day run into him.

Perhaps for some, it wouldn't be a problem seeing him again, especially if the break up was on good terms. But for others, it could be the most awkward, nerve-wrecking experience you can imagine. As "Kiki" writes on College Candy, he's totally seen you naked, but now you're not.

Kiki gives us some pointers for when we should ever have a run in with an ex, following her own experience.

1. Do Not Get Chatty
Like many others, Kiki's first instinct in any awkward situation is to say something - anything, just so it isn't silent.

But simply blurting out anything could make the situation even more awkward, and embarrassing for yourself. No, you shouldn't talk about the weather, or your hair, or start blabbering.

Kiki says: "A simple 'Hey, how are you? I didn't expect to see you at Sunset Food's deli line/ Limited Too/ the Medical Library/ this Carrie Underwood concert' is enough."

And no, running away or completely ignoring him might give him the signal that you're not completely over him yet. Then again, running away would avoid the whole situation altogether. But have some pride, because you deserve to be there as much as he does.

2. Do Not Linger
When you haven't seen someone in a long time, who was once a constant fixture in your life, it's natural to be curious. It would be a chance for you to uncover everything you couldn't find out on Facebook.

For one thing, don't stalk. Be polite, be brief, and get out of there. Don't make excuses to spend an extended period of time with him, unless you really want to get back into that once broken up relationship.

3. Exit on a Good Note
Bitterness isn't pretty. It would show you still care enough about what he thinks, letting it affect your happiness.

If you and your ex split on good terms, this wouldn't be an issue. But as break-ups aren't usually smooth and easy, it's safe to assume that many people will still have a little seed of negativity planted in them.

So, resist the urge to say anything snappy, let alone bring up past issues you had with him. Smile and wish him a good day, because you are confident and happy and better off.

4. Call for Backup Once You Leave
Lets assume that was a seriously nerve-wrecking experience - most people would probably feel so. So once out of his sight (while remaining cool and calm), call your best friend/friends and vent.

Having a little positive assurance would definitely help you. So text one of your girls, or simply forget about what just happened.

5. Do Not Wallow. Sing.
Don't dwell on it - he is, after all, your ex for a reason. Instead, play a favourite song in the car - whatever uplifting, upbeat song you can find, as long as it's not going to make you sad. Sing along happily.

[via CollegeCandy]