It has emerged that scientists have recently figured out how to create synthetic sperm from embryonic stem cells, which makes men seem less important to the world. If this really works, then we could create an army of women and rule the world without men.

But let's face it, we women (and some men) need men around, and here are 15 things we'd miss about them if they were ever swept off the face of the earth:

1. Their 5 o’clock shadow.  
2. Intercourse and outercourse.
3. How cute and vulnerable they look first thing in the morning.
4. The way they reassure us we’re nothing like our mothers.
5. Their ability to reach the high shelves at the grocery store.
6. Taking it like a man when we have a PMS outburst.
7. Their cute little nicknames for us.
8. Reassuring us we’re nothing like the bitches their friends date.
9. How well they lie about the size of our ass in our skinny jeans.
10. How they always know where all the wires go.
11. The way they look in a suit.
12. How good they are at killing the bugs.
13. And installing the AC window unit.
14. The sound of their voice in the dark wishing us “good night.”
15. The way they look holding a baby.

[via TheFrisky]