Now, we all know that if a guy's equipment doesn't work, it would be a massive blow to his ego. Here are some examples of drastic measures men take to get, and stay hard:

1. Recently, four burglars broke into the Bayer AG headquarters in Germany. They didn't steal expensive medicines or the like. Instead, they took $6.9 million worth of Levitra pills. Levitra is the potency pill used by men to overcome erectile dysfunction. The thieves got away with two barrels-full of 32,000 pills - that's a lot of erections! The Levitra pills will probably be sold on the black market, but we wouldn't be surprised if the four burglars "experimented" a little.

2. Men in Malaysia could've become the Levitra burglars' first clients for all we know, because Authorities from the Health Ministry recently raided a direct-selling company that was distributing sachets of a coffee-mixture that promised to "perk up" drinkers. The coffee contained sildenafil, also known as Viagra. Viagra, like Levitra, should only be taken under doctor supervision. A spokesman for the ministry said the company used individuals to sell small quantities to avoid tipping off authorities.

3. Actually, all these men needed to do to get hard was eat a bull penis - at least, according to ancient Chinese belief. It claims the penis of a bull will boost a man's blood flow and stamina for sex. The Chinese believe that what you eat is what you treat - so if a man eats an animal penis, then he's treating his own penis. As soon as they put the bull penis into their mouth, the meat jump starts the brain and enhances the sexual urge.

[via TheFrisky]