AskMen has done their "research" and came up with a list of "5 Lies All Women Tell" - and we daresay, is pure sexist and generalization.

Their relationship correspondent Madeline Murphy provides examples, claiming that as she's acting on behalf of all women, she reveals the dirty secrets we've been hiding for ever.

The Lies:

1. "I'm not mad at you."
According to Murphy, women lie about this, because they're insecure and unable to admit that they're annoyed at a man's "minor screwup" (e.g. forgetting your birthday). Murphy then suggests that men should approach this situation by "calling her on her real feelings and discussing why she's so angry."

The outcome: Women come across as whiny, and unable to handle their own emotions. Men on the other hand, get an ego boost as they get to accuse their women for lying, and being supposedly more matured about it.

2. "I don't mind if you go to strip clubs with the boys."
This is the lie that women tell to seem "less pathetically needy." There's no way for women to win in this situation: either they're liars and hate their boyfriends for having "fun", or if you're not needy and insecure, you aren't a real woman. Murphy says to the men: "You're probably better off just not going. Ask yourself: Are two hours of bare booty worth weeks, even months, of bitchy comments?"

The outcome: Both parties are left frustrated - the men are deprived, and the women remain putting a dampener on their boyfriend's happiness.

3. "I'm just not ready for a boyfriend right now."
Murphy says this is used to let a guy down easy when women don't have any interest in them. She advises men to keep their dignity and just walk away.

The outcome: The woman's lie was "told with the best intentions," and should men follow AskMen's advicem then the liar wins.

4. "I don't mind picking up the tab tonight; you always pay anyway."
Murphy tells men to go on a date prepared to pay anyway, or at least during "critical dating stages." She says, later on, men should feel free to ask the woman to cough up some money, because really, women don't want to pay.

The outcome: Women are portrayed as greedy, gold-diggers, who are unwilling to pay their own way.

5. "That was f*cking great!"
Murphy says: "When women are committed to a man, they focus on him, often believing, time and time again, that he is 'the one.' Because girls ahve this tendency, they also tell guys whatever they think they want to hear (like they just had an orgasm), just to make them feel good about themselves." Thus, when a woman says she enjoys sex, it means she thinks you are "the one", but she actually had a horrible time.

The outcome: Murphy's suggestion of not asking awkward questions (for e.g. did you come?), is the only advice close to sanity. However, to say that all women lie about enjoying sex is wrong, and insulting to both genders.

Thus spreads the ideology of genter stereotypes.

[via Jezebel]