Let's face it - the advice we get from women's magazines don't always work, and usually not at all helpful. Jezebel says:
July Glamour's cover promises "Amazing Sex Every Time!" Yet the inside contains ... more of the same boring, unhelpful advice .
Jezebel proceeds to explain how all the advice about sex might make women think they're doing it wrong when it doesn't work - when they don't get orgasms every time.

For example:
The Masturbation Recommendation
Glamour presents us with a story about a woman who learnt to masturbate herself during sex - which kind of diminishes the importance of the person she's having sex with in the first place. For the many women who can come by themselves without a partner's help, this is a relatively unhelpful piece of advice.

The Pointless First-Person Anecdote
"Glamour has loads of these. There's the girl who thought she could only come with a huge cock, but then met a man she enjoyed sex with despite his four-and-a-half-incher," says Jezebel. The point is, everybody is different, and sex with different people are different.

The Relationship Explanation
A woman tells Glamour that she never had regular orgasms with her man until they were fully commited. She didn't feel safe when they weren't committed. Again, it's different for everybody. Many women have fantastic relationships but no orgasms, others have fantastic orgasms but no relationship.

The See-Your-Doctor Sendoff
When nothing else seems to work, Glamour advises us to go see a doctor if nothing works - the easy way out. This means if you can't orgasm, there's something seriously wrong with you - not to underplay the importance of a healthy body of course.

Jezebel says:
Everybody's different, and everybody needs to do something slightly different to achieve orgasm. Yes, it's possible to make certain generalizations — most people don't get off on looking at the Eiffel Tower, for instance, but some do! Point is, having a million orgasms after following a few generic tips is one of women's magazines' emptiest promises.

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