Thought you felt a "leak"? Questions begone!

From The Frisky:
But this is serious biz and you should consider there are many other opinions on the subject. Some other researchers argue that in reality, pre-ejac can contain spermies that could get you pregnant. There’s just no way to tell if each particular load is potent. It’s suspected that if it does have sperm, they’ve just been hanging out in the dudes peen since his last recent ejaculation, waiting for their big chance. And how are you going to keep tabs on all the times when he has wad wipe-outs without you? However, pre-ejaculate that does have sperm has been found to have less of those little swimmers than your average splooge. With only a few million sperm in pre-ejaculate, instead of the usual 100 million during orgasm, pregnancy is less likely, but not impossible.

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