Going on a date and getting a second date out of that one isn't necessarily easy. There's no guaranteed way to really snag that guy or girl, but there certainly is some dating "etiquettes" that one must follow in order to not become a loser date offender:

1. Entrances and exits
Unsurprisingly, turning up late is a massive turn-off. Even when leaving, you could offend your date by simply bolting off while they're in the washroom - or simply dropping your date once you set eyes on a new target, according to The Sun - which you probably wouldn't care about anyway given the circumstances.

2. The ex
We're sure you've heard this plenty of times: Don't ever mention your ex(es) on your first date. Why? Because it shows that you still haven't gotten over your ex; still obsessed with the past; and maybe seem like a stalker who just can't let go.

3. Drinking
There's actually nothing wrong with having a few, but getting pissed-drunk until you don't even remember your own name is a big don't. Should you get so hammered, it's likely your date will either try to take advantage of you, or be totally grossed out. It also won't exactly score you any brownie points should you puke on your date.

4. Spend the night
It's easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment after what seems like a successful date. However, you might just come across as plain easy. Have some dignity and give your date a bit of a challenge.

5. The bill
Whether you're the girl or the guy, you should always be polite to offer to pay for your share, rather than finding excuses for your date to pay the full bill.

6. Lies and more lies
Lies will always come out eventually - so lying about your age, job, abilities, or the fact that you're already in a relationship - you'd better make sure you don't actually see that person again, or make sure they'll never find out the truth on Facebook, or make sure they don't live on the same planet.

7. Name
It's always a good idea to remember the name of the person you're meeting, otherwise you'll come off as the kind of person who dates so many people that you don't remember their names, or has a crappy attention span. We doubt either would make a good impression.

8. Three's a company
Some people go for the "threesome" idea, or like to bring their friend or maybe their mother for a date. But really, your date will just think you're a sad, strange person who can't even go to the loo on your own.

9. Arguments
A friendly, healthy debate about important issues isn't a bad thing on a first date, but an insult-slinging, yelling argument obviously isn't.

10. Texting
The whole point of the first date is to get to know your partner, giving him or her your undivided attention, and getting theirs in return. Being glued to your phone the whole night is just plain annoying and most importantly, plain rude.

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