It's almost every man's fantasy gift - 42-year-old Charla Muller gave her husband Brad 365 days of guaranteed sex for his 40th birthday present.

The very ordinary-looking couple (not pictured) both have jobs, and two kids aged seven and five, but somehow, Charla did it - she managed to have sex with her husband (almost) every day of the year for the next year.

Charla writes:
As I had spent so long thinking about an exciting present that I thought he would love, I was confident he would say yes.

But to my astonishment, Brad refused my offer. He said: "It's a great idea, I just don't think you really mean it."

But she did, and the pair went through with it. Charla even found that being intimate at night made them work better as a couple during the day. In other words - sex made them happy and improved their relationship.

Halfway through the "gift", the sex became more routine than Charla wanted it to be - so she tried to spice things up.

Another thing that shocked her - they both started getting too tired from having so much sex, and Brad even turned her down a few times, just because he was too tired.

However, Charla says she had the time of the life that year, and her marriage improved drastically:

Before, I thought sex was the icing on the cake of a good marriage. But now I realise I had no idea what I was missing.

We communicated better, talked more, had more fun (between the sheets and out of them) and connected more.

In the year since the gift we have not had sex every day, as we both realise it is not sustainable. But there is no denying that Brad’s present has been the best year of our marriage... so far.

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