Say you're a career woman, who has a job, as well as keeps the household, and takes care of the children. So after a tough, long day, when you lie in bed with your significant other, which would you choose? Sex or sleep?

The truth is, we're tired, and we'd like a good night's sleep. It's tiring to think that sex seems like a another "chore" we have to fulfill. But of course, sex  binds a couple, and you know you certainly can't do without it.

But really, sleep lets you rest, and wake up feeling re-energized and fresh. A night of making love however, just seems too tiring, because you have to be a sex goddess in the bedroom as well as a wife, mother, and housekeeper, and you don't get enough rest needed.

"Sex is just like jogging - you don't always fancy the idea of it, but once you start you wonder why you don't do it more often" - The Huffington Post