When Helen Taylor and husband Len had their first child, they decided that one of them should give up their job and be a stay-at-home parent. Little did Helen know that Len would end up having a six month affair with a woman who was her close friend.

Len had been delighted to give up his job as a software consultant, as he made it clear to Helen that he disliked his job. Helen however, loved her job as a chartered accountant, and had higher potential to earn more to support her family.

However, after the birth of their second son, the couple started to feel the strain of their respective roles. Helen worked hard at her career, while Len was a full time dad. Helen says:
‘By the time the youngest was a toddler, I was beginning to struggle with the stresses of my career, and Len with the constant drudgery of home life,’ Helen says. ‘I felt pressure as the breadwinner, while he began to suggest that he was frustrated at home.

‘Our youngest was going through the “terrible twos”, and if Len had a bad day with him, he’d say to me: “It’s all right for you, you just swan off to work. You don’t have to deal with any of the tantrums,” as if all I did was put my feet up on a desk and order people around.
Eventually the intimacy and happiness faded away from their marriage, with Len growing more and more unhappy. One day, Len told Helen that he didn't love or desire her sexually anymore.

Helen was crushed, and confided in a close family friend, Catherine, who was also married.
Len cruelly told me our marriage breakdown was my fault for having a career and leaving him saddled with the home and the children.’
She then decided to hire a detective as she suspected her husband was having an affair. To her greatest horror, Helen found out that her husband was cheating on her with her supposed close friend, Catherine.

Helen eventually filed for divorce after confronting Len about the affair. She feels that the grounds on why Len cheated was completely unfair, because he had willingly given up his job at that time, while Helen continued working hard to give her family a comfortable life. It seems that Len couldn't take being dominated by a woman. She says:
‘Men should be able to fulfil the role of house-husband without defaulting on their marriage vows just because they get a bit bored with domestic life. Millions of women manage to stay faithful despite the daily grind of home and children. Why couldn’t he?’

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