A man's mouth is like an unfiltered pipe. Rubbish comes out of it once in a while and the waters are usually not as clean as they seem. In my experience I've met so many men or heard of men who've said the meanest things to the women they love. The thing is that they sometimes don't really mean it, but as the shape of the words find their way to your ears, it contaminates your soul and hurts you till you feel numb towards all the crap he'll dish out at you in future.

Here are examples of some of mean things these women have had said to them:

“You have no ambition.”—Annika

“Stop being a c**t.”—Brittany

“You’re like a sister to me.”—Leslie

“Something smells fishy in here.”—June

“Maybe you need to see a sex therapist.”—Marie

“It just comes down to...I wouldn’t jump off a cliff for you.”—Michelle

“You’re fat.”—Elly

“I can’t give you the attention you deserve and I’m moving to Guam.”—Karen

“You’re not the marrying kind. It would surprise me if you ever got married.”—Lindsay

What's the worst thing your man has ever said to you? Maybe it's time to pull the plug on your relationship if you feel you're not getting the respect or appreciation you deserve.