It’s never easy — or emotionally healthy — to try to make a guy fall in love with you, but that’s not what this article is about. This is about the guy who already loves you, and how you can encourage him to finally say it already.

Give your own clues

Spend time with him, show interest in his interests, laugh when you think he’s funny, make something for him (cookies, dinner, a card, a CD), and tell him you like him and enjoy his company.

Don’t act needy, though.

Understand the fine line between expressing your feelings and being desperate, and don’t cross it.

Spending time with him doesn’t mean clearing your entire calendar of everyone else or dropping everything to be with the him the second he’s available. Showing interest in his hobbies doesn’t mean investing in a $500 golf bag and a collection of unflattering polo shirts because he likes Arizona.

The key is to give him clues about how you feel, not deafen him with your guttural proclamations from the rooftop. The last thing a guy wants to do is profess his love to a woman who’ll never leave his side for a second once he does.

Resist flat-out asking him

Instead, tell him that you have a pretty good idea what his feelings for you are, but you’d love to hear him say it sometime. This lets him know you’ve paid attention to the clues he’s shown while giving him permission to open up a bit more.

If you’re ready for things to move forward, ask him where he thinks the relationship is headed. If he doesn’t reveal how he feels in his reply, chances are he’ll let you know soon, especially if you’ve both agreed things are growing more serious between you.

Finally, if all the clues and questions in the world don’t prompt him to spill it, and you can’t bear to go one more day without hearing those three little words, we're going to give an exception to these rules and advise you to go ahead and tell him you love him first. Just don’t be shocked if you get a smile and a “me too” in response. Some people have an aversion to all 4-letter words!