Do guys want to be "skinny bastards?"

The phrase "skinny bitch" once made a certain kind of sense: it reinforced the idea that thin is power, and more specifically, evoked steely Nuclear Wintour and Posh Spice types, whose scrawniness seemed to suggest an iron-clad will and a certain mystery. I guess. But "skinny bastard?" I'm picturing a tubercular Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy, or maybe some kind of meathead's wimpy sidekick henchman. And yet, as a piece in today's Times tells us, this is the next frontier for the women who shamed a generation into buying their tomes.

For anyone familiar with the abusive, strident, veganism-is-the-only-way tone of the inexplicably popular Skinny Bitch books, well, you know the drill. But, just as you'd expect from said dames, rather than bullying women with low self-esteem, this version flirts with men...

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