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Remember The O.C.? The show that many others right now have followed with a successful formula? Poor boy meets rich girl. They fall in love. Drama unfolds. Etc. Well, if you remember it, then you'll remember the glamorous mansion they used to shoot a lot of the scenes with. Now it's on sale.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 28, 2015 14:57
Like taking selfies? Group selfies perhaps? Then if you do, you should probably read this. Because according to reports, you could get lice. Imagine getting close up to someone for a picture, not knowing if they've got lice or not. Your heads touch. You smile. The camera snaps and takes a picture. But something else happens.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 28, 2015 13:16
Who says you need to spend a lot to look good? This boy in Thailand has a solution, and you can't really argue he isn't vogue either because who's to say that this isn't what haute couture looks like? Madaew, aged 15, created an Instagram account posting photos of himself modeling outfits made from whatever he could find around him.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 28, 2015 13:16
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