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Dating these days is a tough thing. You might not have the social media prowess to investigate whether or not the person you're meeting on Tinder is single or not. So what do you do? You'll have to rely on first impressions. Can you tell if someone is single or not?  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Feb 12, 2016 17:55
Ryan Reynolds gave Seth Meyers some advice on being a dad, and an even more wonderful husband. 'You've just got to do the dirty work. Diapers. And more.' The reason: 'A human being will exit your wife. She's done enough.'  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 17:42
Dancing is next level when it comes to Beyonce's music videos. This incredible choreography is by Wildabest Adams along with the cinematography work by Tim  Milgram. Basically, this is genius work. It's too awesome.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 17:38
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