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Ever wondered where marble comes from? How does it get harvested? Here's a video of it and it is beautiful. The whole process is! Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 25, 2014 19:24
This is a face yoga exercise intended to get rid of fine lines, improve blood circulation, and contour the face. It's the most convenient way to do as it is free, and natural way to slim down your face without getting a surgery. Do this exercise TWICE a day.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Oct 25, 2014 13:41
Most Asian women love to have a V-Shaped, and smaller face. This is because V-shaped face gets more attention, and looks more beautiful. That's why more and more Asian women (especially Koreans) are opting to do plastic surgery to get those V-shaped face because it makes a woman looks younger, and it's a 'must have' thing in Korea.   Read more
LIFESTYLE    Oct 25, 2014 13:41
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