Did Katy Perry Rip Off This Singer's Tunes? image
The Internet responded well with memes of 'The Dress.' Is it blue and black, or white and gold? Here are some of the 15 funniest memes we've found so far. Check them out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Mar 02, 2015 12:58
Lip enhancers may not work as well as you think. Brittany Forster found out the hard way when she got an enhancer called CandyLipz. She tried it out and it didn't turn out the way she thought it would.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Mar 02, 2015 12:33
Colleen Green has a second album and it's titled 'I Want To Grow Up.' Her single 'Deeper Than Love' is an accurate description of what it is like to feel insecure and terrified of intimacy.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Mar 02, 2015 12:33
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