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Nicki Minaj looks like the kind of woman who'd hold up a gun and fire at anyone that gets in her way and it looks like she wasn't too pleased when she read the press about what Miley said about her. She took the opportunity to fire back, out loud, in front of a live audience, and things got real.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 31, 2015 12:55
If you didn't think Miley Cyrus was controversial enough, she had to go ahead and do this on Instagram just before she started hosting. It's a nude shot of her because, that's what Miley does. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 31, 2015 12:55
It's clear that Taylor Swift is pretty afraid of Nicki Minaj, so instead of dissing and pissing her off, she invited her to perform Bad Blood together with her on stage of the VMAs. Looks like all's good now? Except...Nicki has a new target now..  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 31, 2015 12:55
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