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Celebrities have been busy hitting up Halloween parties with their cool costumes this weekend. Good Halloween costume ideas are vital if you want to win a prize for your if you're looking forward to win the best costume award! If you haven't picked out your own Halloween costume just yet, maybe one of these celebrities' Halloween costume will give you some inspirations.  Read more
CELEBRITY GOSSIP    Oct 30, 2014 17:40
This 27-year-old buxom beauty Kelly Lee Dekay has been working of waist-training with a steel-boned corset for 7 years. Her waist now measures between 16 and 18 inches, making it looks like a hourglass. She went through extreme body transformation so she could look like her favourite cartoon characters - Jessica Rabbit, and X-Men's Storm.  Read more
CELEBRITY GOSSIP    Oct 30, 2014 15:42
If you were expecting some scissors in this hair salon, you'll be disappointed. And probably a little afraid. Nguyen Hoang Hung practices the art of cutting hair with a katana.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 13:05
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