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Robin Thicke sure knows how to bounce back from a break up. Now his hot 19-year-old girlfriend April Love Geary is coming to our attention. The smoking hot model sure knows how to tease the Internet. Here's an Instagram post of her looking sultry.  Read more
CELEBRITY GOSSIP  Dec 18, 2014 14:35
2014 is coming to an end, so we're wrapping up with some of the most romantic moments of the year. Check them out in the list below and let us know if we've missed any.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 13:32
It's hard to say if a man is the right choice to write a tampon commercial. It could be good. Great even. Or it might not. Either way, this is Hammerkatz, a comedy group that decided to make a parody video of a 'what-if' men did just that.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 18, 2014 12:32
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