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Marriage has great importance in all cultures. It is believed to be scared right where two individuals agree to spend their rest of lives together. In India, a person can register about their marriage under two acts of Hindu marriage act 1955 and Special marriage act 1954. Both acts have their terms and conditions that we will discuss in the later section. First, let's discuss a marriage certificate and its importance.  Read more
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An essay is a writing of 3-5 pages in volume, where a student reveals his or her own point of view on a certain issue. The text is characterized by a circular structure. At the beginning of the text hypotheses are put forward, the main part contains a thesis statement and arguments to prove it. In the end, one should formulate the proof of the hypothesis based on the already proven thesis.  Read more
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If we had a graph that could show us our productivity in the last couple, most of us would see a sharp declining line. Let’s face it, the mental trauma of the lockdown and the COVID situation has put a serious hit on our productivity. But we also need to understand that the pandemic is not going to get over in the near future and it is still not going to safe going outside but the graph has to get up because falling further down would not look good on our mental health as well as our careers.  Read more
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