Despite the sexy cosplay getups we see all the time, it turns out a large portion of Japanese women aged 16-24 aren't very interested in sex.

According to a new report from The Guardian's Abigail Haworth who quotes some shocking statistics from the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA), some 45% of women "were not interested in or despised sexual contact." 25% of Japanese men feel the same way, according to the JFPA.

Haworth wrote in a recent article about how more and more young people in Japan have stopped having sex, which is bad news for Japan's aging population. The country already has a low birth rate and the projection is that their population of 126 million is expected to plunge 30% by the year 2060.

Haworth also wrote that even though casual sex was becoming more common in Japan, a 2011 survey found that 61% of unmarried men and 49% of women aged 18-34 were not in any kind of relationship.

The reason for the decline seems to stem from the fact that men and women have different long-term values. Men have become less career-driven, while women are valuing their careers more than romantic relationships.

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