Remember all those reports about Chinese tourists doing terrible things while on holiday, which include vandalizing ancient pyramids and posing next to dead dolphins

In light of all this negative publicity, China’s National Tourism Administration has decided to release a 64-page guidebook that aims to project a “good image of Chinese tourists.”

Most of the rules in the new guidebook were regional restrictions encouraging tourists to "respect local customs." But some of these inclusions come across as more bizarre than helpful:

Do not

    Give a handkerchief in Italy as a gift because it is deemed inauspicious

    Discuss the royal family in Thailand

    Touch people's belongings in Nepal with the foot

    Ask for pork in Islamic countries

    Call Africans "Negroes" or "black"

    Use the left hand to touch other people in India

    In general, touch antiques or draw graffiti on heritage structures

    Expose the chest or back, or look dirty in public areas

    Eat a whole piece of bread in one mouthful or slurp noodles noisily inside an aircraft


    Use shower curtains in a hotel

    Keep quiet when waiting to board a plane

    Keep mobile phones turned off until the aircraft has come to a complete stop

    Be punctual if taking part in a tour group

    Arrive at a banquet hall 15 minutes early and adhere to a formal dress code