We're guessing one sure fire way to get upset is these two things:

1. Don't have sex for 6 months.
2. No more Guinness on Arthur's Day.

This viral video started spreading on social media last night when these two bunch of women started going berserk at a faultless waiter for not bringing them their Guinness. They look like they've had a couple already. Surely, it's a bit over the top. And to throw, hit and verbally abuse the waiter like that is just pure hooligan.

The diatribe continues, and the no-sex-lady's friend also chimed in with some inaudible words, simply because no-sex was the louder, more hysterical one.

We've made some calls to Beer Factory already but have not gotten a response on whether this is real, or when and where this actually took place, but we'll be back when we have more details.

We commend the waiter / manager for being so calm.