There has been a considerable decline in sperm quality and quantity in some parts of the world according to sperm banks as well as evidence from scientific research. The reason is not yet known but scientists have their suspicions, pointing to pollutants and a "modern Western lifestyle" which includes cellphones in pockets, diet and a lack of physical activity.

According to Grace Centola, a sperm bank consultant after studying eight years of sperm donor data, there is "a statistically significant decline in semen volume, sperm count and motility over those years." At a sperm bank in Israel, only 1 in 100 applicants are found suitable for donation, when a decade ago 1 in 10 were accepted.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal 20 years ago found that between 1938 and 1990, sperm counts have halved from 113 million per milliliter to 66 million per milliliter. In addition to that, a study in Finland revealed men born toward the end of the 1980s had a lower sperm count from those born toward the beginning of the same decade.

While sperm count is going down, it doesn't seem to be reflected in the growing human population. But could this be a problem after all? According to Raywat Deonandan, assistant professor and epidemiologist at the University of Otawa who tells LiveScience that the decline could represent a change in only a few generations.

Even if the population is increasing, the drop in sperm quality could mean that aspects of our health could be impacted. All of which are in ways that have not yet been detected.

Which brings us to the subject of should we all be getting our joy of jizz as soon as possible before the quality continues to drop? Just a thought.