Looks like readers are moving from sorcerers and vampires into more mature topics, like getting spanked by handsome billionaires with weird fetishes. According to The Daily Mail, E L James' best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey is now officially the fastest selling paperback since records began:
Last week alone, the first instalment sold more than 100,000 paperback copies – a feat most  of the Harry Potter books and  all of the Twilight novels failed  to achieve.

Fifty Shades of Grey has been Britain’s best-selling book for nine weeks, while the trilogy has held the top three spots on the UK paperback book chart for the past six weeks.

Experts say the success of the racy books – dubbed ‘mummy porn’ – has been driven by frustrated middle-aged mothers.
The book is actually part of a trilogy written by English mother-of-two Erika Mitchell, 49, who uses  the pen name EL James. She initially posted the tales on the internet as fan fiction based on the Twilight books. Thanks to the hype, she's no reportedly worth a cool £4 million. And with all this success, there's no question that a movie adaption will be in the works. J.K. Rowling better watch her back.