The thing about wearing tight, stretchy material is that it tends to hug every crevice in your body which often results in the dreaded cameltoe.


But an inventor named Shannon has since patented a smart-yet-simple solution that poses to revolutionize the already lucrative underwear industry. Using 'Camelflage panty' technology, Shannon aims to “smooth out women’s Labia Majora all over the world!!” She describes her eureka moment via this statement below:
Cute tight little yoga pants, front row, right by the big mirrors for the whole class to check out my yoga poses, and something else… the dreaded… “cameltoe.” That’s where the idea for Camelflage was conceived. I looked at department stores, online for a solution for this problem. There was nothing. There were blogs and YouTube videos posted of women complaining about the same problem “cameltoe,” and how embarrassing it was for them. They were needing a solution too. So, I designed a patent pending women’s panty that has a built in flexible, breathable, insert to smooth out her “Labia Majora” AKA “cameltoe.” Covering the insert is a Sportek wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from your body and keeps you dry.