Nearsightedness or 'myopia' is a fancy term for when things look fuzzy at a distance. And according to a new report, up to 90% of students in major South East Asian cities are now suffering from this problem. The reason why it's so alarming is that the previous average was previously between 20%-30%.

The study authors believe that the staggering increase in nearsightedness might be the result of too much studying and homework, and not enough exposure to daylight. As Professor Ian Morgan, who conducted the study, explains to the BBC:
They've gone from something like 20% myopia in the population to well over 80%, heading for 90% in young adults, and as they get adult it will just spread through the population. It certainly poses a major health problem.
Some kids even risk developing "high" myopia, which can lead to continued deterioration and eventual blindness. While there's no denying little kids look adorable in glasses, it's definitely not worth the risk of going blind!