From cervical cancer to searching for the g-spot, science is forever trying to solve the mystery of the ecosystem that lies between a woman's legs. And new research has found that there's a constant bacterial armageddon between various microorganisms occurring inside the human vagina.

According to LiveScience, researchers at the University of Maryland have discovered that each vagina comes with its own "bacterial fingerprint," meaning that the bacterial profiles varies in women depending on all sorts of factors. Here's what the researchers had to say about it:
"We know that different women have different kinds of vaginal microbiota, and now we know that over time the dynamics of the change that we observed vary."
These findings may explain why sudden changes in the type of bacteria living in your vagina aren't necessarily a sign of an imbalance that needs to be corrected, and that dramatic changes to the vagina's bacterial profile is natural, normal, and healthy.