Bootlegging movies isn't right. But Hyman Strachman already knows this, but he does it anyway. The New York Times reports that this pirate has shipped 300,000 riped off movies overseas to the troops, for free.

"Big Hy" is 92 and started bootlegging DVDs in 2004, after his wife died and the American wars in the Middle East getting underway. Apparently, Big Hy doesn't even know how to rip real DVDs because he uses bootlegged copies to make duplicates. He started out by copying the movies on his computer, but it got so popular that he invested in a $400 duplicator to increase the output.

He has sent out more than 4000 boxes of DVDs to Iraq and Afghanistan covering all the expenses himself.

There are of course, other pirates, with bigger operations than Big Hy himself, but none other that would be so sort of altruistic. Keeping them troops entertained while at war.