Here's one sort of happy story involving lung cancer. A 62-year-old Cuban woman who moved to the United States in 1994 was shocked to find out what was believed to be a massive lung tumor was actually a giant seed pit.

For the last 28 years, Blanca Riveron has suffered from a debilitating, nagging cough. Her breathing was labored. She's been treated her countless times for asthma and pneumonia but with no relief.

In December 2011, Blanca started coughing up blood. She was brought to the doctors and they found a mass in Blanca's lung. They suspected it was cancerous and would require surgery to remove.

When Blanca called another daughter who still lives in Cuba to share the sad diagnosis, she was reminded of a story that took place three decades ago. In 1984, Blanca was yelling to her children and accidentally inhaled the seed of a nispero fruit she had been eating that day.

A few weeks later, following an second endoscopy, Blanca was struck once again by a particularly bad coughing fit. That's when the seed decided to dislodge on its own. Blanca intends to go back to the doctor to get her lungs checked again, but is breathing much easier now.