Here's an inside look at the squalor of Nadya Suleman's House of Horrors that she shares with 14 kids. Even the kids living in that old woman's shoe had better living conditions than this:

According to TMZ, these photos were taken by a hairdresser who does Octomom's hair. She shared these pictures after she filed a complaint with the La Habra Police Department. The hairstylist told police that the house is covered in graffiti and it has only one working toilet; the eight younger kids (who were born at the same time) have to use potty training toilets in the backyard.They also run around pantless and some of them even have to sleep on the floor since there's not enough mattresses for all of them.

Apparently, Octomom had tried to get the plumbing fixed but decided against it after a plumber told her it would cost $150. But the stylist also revealed a check for $520 that Octomom spent on a Brazilian blowout and 2 haircuts!

Now that's just depressing. You know you're a crappy parent when your kids are crapping in the backyard while you're busy indoors getting your hair done.