Is the really a perfect time for women to accidentally get knocked up? According to a  startling new report from Guttmacher which focused on unmarried women in their twenties, being young, happy, healthy, and unmarried is the best time to make a baby.

The report's findings also included:
  • more than two-thirds of pregnancies are unintended
  • three quarters of pregnancies among unmarried women between ages 20 and 24 were unintended
  • Non-hispanic black women in their twenties had a higher rate of unintended pregnancy than their white and Hispanic counterparts
  • as a woman's level of education increased, the likelihood that she'd become unintentionally pregnant in her twenties decreased
Before you start going on about women's reproductive rights, the researchers did point out that these findings mean that availability of contraception is important to improving women's quality of life. And given how sensitive that topic is in certain cultures, it might be just the boost we need to give  women the freedom to plan the size of their family and the timing of the births of their children.