Kate Spade's walls on their New York offices have a whole lot of prints hanging for everyone to see. Its by the staff, sharing inspiration this way. They've been hard at work with the use of social media to further their brand expansion.

Fans of the brand can friend, follow, like, or what-have-you Kate Spade on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, or check into their stores on FourSquare and even occasionally download music from a Spotify promotion.

"When we inherited the brand from Kate and Andy five years ago, we were very fortunate that it already had a voice," said Andrew of Kate Spade, which is now owned by Liz Claiborne. "It was very natural and authentic for us to enter social media because we always had a voice. Our brand has always spoken."

The company is very active on almost all social media platforms.

"We started putting photos on Instagram of fun drinks or cupcakes we had at office parties, and our customers love that," Andrew said. "They just want to be a part of it."

Andrew sees social media as the new way of marketing. Most of their social media efforts aren't even of products you can buy on KateSpade.com. Non promotional updates help build customer loyalty and understand the message the brands want to convey.

"We’ve seen increase in traffic from social media sites to our website, especially from Facebook, and we are always delightfully surprised when they respond to non-commercial messages and they are engaged in that," Andrew said.

"Social media has been such a great tool for luxury brands," Andrew said. "It helps the customer feel like they are a part of the brand. Social media just helps tell the story so many different ways."