Usually when a soldier gets killed in battle, the US military will visit the family residence to make a personal notification of their death. But one military wife is upset after receiving the devastating news via Facebook.

Staff Sgt. Christopher Brown was killed by an insurgent bomb in Afghanistan on April 3rd. His pregnant wife, Ariell Taylor-Brown, was home by herself with her two kids when she received a post on her Facebook page about an emergency. From AP:
It was a girl in his platoon. She wrote to me and told me to call her immediately.

She told me over the phone, right in front of my kids and I completely had a meltdown. She wasn't supposed to but I guess she took it on her own power to do it.

It was a horrible way for me to find out. She didn't even give me a chance. I could have been driving and I could have harmed myself learning this.
Several hours after the woman notified Taylor-Brown, two soldiers were at her door to give her the official notice of his death, but of course she already knew what they were there for. What made the news even more shocking is that her husband had just started his fourth tour of duty a week before he was killed, and he'd been on Skype with her earlier in the day.

Soldiers are not supposed to release information about deaths until next of kin have been told. Such an offense could result in a court martial for the person involved.