Being a hot MILF is one thing, but did you know there are dudes out there who get really turned on by knocked-up broads?

A journalist for CNN recently re-watched footage of an old Annie Lenox interview she conducted while pregnant, and shares her experience about a man who chatted her up at a grocery store:
I wasn't sure whether to start lobbing bell peppers and radishes at the guy, or just accept the chatter as that kindness from strangers only pregnancy evokes. My instincts told me there was more to it and when pregnant, your instincts are pretty darn noisy.

There was something behind his charming smile, his lingering and the urgent look in his eyes. This dude thought I was hot. But how could he? I mean, I looked like an upright hippopotamus. Was he merely homing in on the obviousness of my fertility? Did he have a thing for maternity jeans? How is it possible that when your pregnant self feels your stretched-out worst, you're able to attract random-dude-in-Tom-Ford in the fruit and veggie aisle?
Sex educators consider pregnancy fetishes as normal. One neuropsychiatrist suggests maybe men hit on pregnant women because they feel safe flirting with you without having to fear of it developing any further (since they assume you are already taken). Or it could be the fact that you are a walking billboard for fertility, or they are simply reminded of the time when their own moms being pregnant.

The writers over at Jezebel decided to take things further by asking actual people who admit to having a pregnancy fetish. Here's what one guy wrote in an email:
  • First, it's wrong. Pregnant women are meant to be mothers in training, chaste and committed to motherhood. So for them to be explicitly sexual is hot. It is dirty.
  • Second, we know that being pregnant can sometimes bring a period of increased sexual interest, physically. And there is nothing we fetishists like more than an uncontrollably horny person.
  • Third, being pregnant is a sign that you are taken- a pretty powerful one. If she is pregnant it represents HIS commitment, making her even more desirable. I don't like cheating. But I love people who are desirable to many people. This is something a lot of fetishists play with.
  • Fourth, this is something I enjoyed with my ex wife, a pregnant woman's body changes often.
And it's not just men, according to one 24-year-old lesbian with a pregnancy fetish:
"She is fertile and has successfully created life. As a lesbian, I have the choice to become pregnant. This makes us, women, god like, powerful, rulers of life," she says. "That is sexy."