Science has previously linked cycling to erectile dysfunction, and now new study shows claims that female cyclists are may also be at risk of suffering the same sexual problems as male bikers.

The new study expands on a 2006 Yale study which found that female cyclists experienced less "genital sensation" compared with female runners. For the new study, 48 hardcore female riders who cycled at least 10 miles a week were observed to measure their soreness, numbness, and tingling sensations.

Researchers discovered that bikes with handlebars positioned lower than the seats experienced more pressure in an area of soft tissue called the perineum, and had decreased sensation in the pelvic floor. So the lower the handlebars in relation to the saddle, the more a woman has to lean forward, forcing her to put a greater percentage of her body weight on the perineum. That means higher handlebars might be an easy solution to fertility woes.

via New York Times