As if being a woman wasn't difficult enough—what with all the not having control over important decisions about our own bodies, making less money than our male colleagues, and, yes, let's play the childbirth card—we are also routinely hit with financial penalties just for having the balls to be born with a vagina. That's right, women pay more for everything from razors to houses to health care for no reason other than that we are women. It's like our own personal vagina tax, and it sucks.

Think of it as having your own personal 'vagina tax'.  A study done by researchers at the University of Central Florida proves that gendered pricing practices are alive and well (and evil). They found on average, women's deodorant costs 30 cents more per ounce than men's, even when the only difference between the products was the smell. The study's coauthor, Megan Duesterhaus said:
"These companies have us convinced that men and women are so biologically different that we need completely different products, as though we are a different species."
While there are federal civil rights laws which project against discrimination in employment and housing on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation, but the same cannot be said for the sales of goods and services.

The scary part is that this problem is so pervasive that often we don't even notice it's happening since we mostly accept the cost of items as a given. Take another example pointed out by Marie Claire magazine, which states that dry cleaners often charge women three times as much to clean shirts which are virtually identical to mens' dress shirts. Their justification: "blouses" require extra labor to press.  Then there are things like haircuts and women's toiletries, which are typically priced higher than their men's counterparts. And don't even get us started on healthcare...

Obviously retailers will never admit to it. Maybe one of the best ways to get back at them is to get the guy to pay... for everything!