Musician Tanner Patrick used a tablet and turned it into a drum machine to make a cover on Katy Perry's newest song: "Part of Me". His cover has so far, attracted over 100,000 views in six days. Using gadgets as instruments. We like this!

Patrick downloaded the EasyBeats 2 app on his iPad 2 to create drum beats. He mixed in vocals and other instrumentals in music software Reason and digital audio platform Pro Tools.

“This was actually my first cover to incorporate the tablet and I loved it,” Patrick told Mashable. “I plan on using my iPad and iPhone for more covers in the future.”

Patrick, began uploading covers to his YouTube channel in August 2011, and has so far thrown in other objects too in his videos. For example, in his version of Taylor Swift’s “Ours,” he used a can of salt as a shaker.

He also did a cover of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” where he used a wooden spoon as a drumstick.