Cellphones have been linked to causing everything from the mass death of bee colonies to a willingness to sacrifice one’s sex life and relationships.  And now they're just another thing to add on the list of things to stay away from during pregnancy.

Researchers at Yale studying the effects of cellphone radiation on pregnant mice and their offspring have determined that exposure could result in developmental disabilities including ADHD.

The study is the first of its kind to link cellphone radiation to developmental disorders in offspring. The researchers place a silenced cellphone in active call mode was placed on top of a cage of pregnant mice. An inactive cellphone was placed on top of another cage of pregnant mice to act as a control.

The researchers then conducted a variety of tests to measure brain activity on the mice offspring who had been exposed to radiation as fetuses. The tests showed that the mice had lower memory capacity and were more hyperactive than the control group. The areas of the brain that control these functions were impacted by the radiation.

Since mic gestate for a much shorter time than humans and are born with much less developed brains than humans, more research is still needed to show the possible risks of cellphone radiation to human fetuses.