There might be a darker side to everyone's go-to furniture retailer IKEA. The Swedish company is reportedly being investigated in France for hiring private detectives to spy on their workers and pry into the lives of unhappy customers.

The story goes that two French trade unions filed complaints against IKEA for digging up police files and confidential personal information on employees and shoppers who were involved in litigation with the company.

One creepy example involving these IKEA-hired detectives involved a couple who ordered a kitchen for their vacation home outside Paris, but didn't receive their delivery on time. The wife had complained to the company, asking to be compensated for having to stay elsewhere since they were without a kitchen for almost two months. They were eventually reimbursed, but then the firm asked their investigators to look into the couple's "morality"—property ownership, phone details, and police records. It makes you wonder just what were they going to do with all that information?

Since the case went viral, IKEA France has decided to launch their own internal investigation. Three staff members were reportedly put on a leave of absence until the findings are made, and the company released the following statement:
The company's ethical rules are very clear: we work with honesty and transparency, in whatever country we're present. Respect for people's private lives is among the most strongly held values of the group and we strongly disapprove of any practice which calls that into question.
For now, the incident seems to be confined to France. However, you might want to check behind your Billy bookcases and Hemnes mirrors to make sure your not being bugged or anything (can't be too safe!)