It's one thing to pretend to be a pregnant lady in order to smuggle drugs, it's another to stash the drugs inside your lady parts! But that's what a Nigerian woman did at the JFK airport. Afolake Awoyemi had been detained after flying in from France.

When asked by a Border Protection inspector, Awoyemi said she was three months pregnant. Nevertheless, Customs officers opted for a pat-down search. That's when they felt a bulge in Awoyemi's groin area. NY Daily writes:
When she dropped her drawers, Awoyemi's scheme fell apart. Pellets containing brown powder began dropping from her groin area — and the substance tested positive for heroin.
X-rays later revealed that Awoyemi had even more heroin pellets stashed inside her intestines. Awoyemi ended up "passing" a total of 25 pellets, the street value of which could add up to about $20,000.