Duracell hopes to change wireless charging for all phones. Its been a problem whereby there are only a few products that do it and practically nobody uses it because there are only a few products for it. Duracell is coming up with a cheap and easy way to retrofit a phone to be completely wireless with a little pad called Powermat WiCC (Wireless Charging Card).

The card works by slipping it in between your battery and the back of your phone, assuming you can open your phone up. WiCC's electrical contacts needs to get between existing ones that connect your battery to your phone.

It looks like the trend of wireless is going crazy now with phone manufacturers already going to add six electrical connectors to their battery compartments. Two will be used for power, two for data and two for NFC communications. Duracell says that this additional hardware will be cheap, but the tough part is convincing OEMs that the Duracell standard and hardware is worth the investment.

Lets see if it takes off!

Engadget, via Gizmodo