And not the saucy kind. The sweetheart from Coyote Ugly is the star of the TV show "Covert Affairs" where she plays Annie Walker, a CIA trainee who was suddenly promoted to field operative to capture her ex-boyfriend.

Everybody loves a pretty woman who can kick ass and look good while doing it. And of course working with a hottie such as Annie could lead to relationship developments in the office.

Covert Affairs has aired for two full seasons in the U.S., and will bring its second season back to Diva Universal on Astro channel 702 this February 21.

In light of the new seasons which premieres next week, Piper Perabo tells about her character as Annie Walker in this Q&A:

What's the most challenging aspect of playing Annie Walker?
The most difficult part of playing Annie Walker is I think the balancing of all the different aspects of the show. The show has a comedic element. We do a lot of languages. There's quite a serious action component to the show. So you have to make sure that each thing gets its own time to rehearse and prepare so that we keep it strong across the board.

As this new season breaks out, how are your characters evolving from what it was in the first season?
I think that this year Annie has a little bit more experience than she did last year. I mean she certainly still relies within the hierarchy of the office she's still kind of low man on the totem pole. And starting this season they let Annie do more complicated and difficult missions because she has a little bit more experience.

What strengths will play against your characters and what weaknesses will play for your characters this season?

I think Annie's inexperience still continues to be both weakness and strength for her. She has a kind of trust in her gut instincts on how to solve things but not only can it kind of lead her off in a strange direction but actually lead her more quickly to the answer. But it can also put her in a lot of danger because she kind of leaps before she looks. So in some ways, you know, what aids Annie is also what can put her in danger.

Let’s talk about some of the guest stars that'll be coming up for this season.
Oded Fehr is coming back for more than one episode actually. And we just had Jamie Alexander from Thor who's done a couple episodes. Rebecca Mader just started shooting an episode for us from Lost. And Mark Moses from Mad Men. It makes it really fun.

Looking at your biography, it says you were born in Dallas, went to high school in New Jersey, went to college in Ohio, moved to New York and have worked all over. Do your similar backgrounds help you relate to your character?
I think so. My traveling – especially with my work in the last ten years – really has given me a lot of language background, which also helped in understanding the cultures and customs of all the different places that I have been to. So I think that travel and my work life definitely feeds into the show.

Were you finally at a point in your life where you were looking for a series, or had you been asked to do one before?

I wasn't looking for a series actually. I was in the middle of doing a Broadway play when this came across my desk. And you know, I was thinking of what I was going to do when the play ended. And I was reading films, and I just wasn't finding anything that I really connected to. So when this came across my desk, not only did it have the pedigree of Doug Liman, but it was a character that I thought would be really fun to play. And even fun to play, episode after episode, and how it would evolve and change.

Covert Affairs premieres February 21 and will air every Tuesday at 9pm on Diva Universal, Astro channel 702